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Monday, February 1, 2010

What's THAT on Your Child's Desk?

by Kathleen Blease

Yesterday, I took a good, hard look at my son's desk. Here is a list of its residents:

1. Various 1" binders for Latin, Language Arts, Ancient History, Intro to Chemistry, and so on
2. Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer
3.The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin D. Wiker
4. A Basic Dictionary from Scholastics Books
5. Lamp light--no one there to use it, and it's still on
6. Two model airplane kits
7. One superglue tube
8. The contents of one superglue tube that ruptured
9. One airplane fuselage and various pieces
10. Batteries--different sizes
11. Piece of titanium (from what I've been told..??)
12. Sandpaper wrapped around piece of titanium
13. Elmer's glue
14. Paint brush
15. Instructions to some airplane, but not the one he's working on
16. Nuts and bolts
17. One nail
18. One roll of aluminum foil (So that's where it got to!)
19. Plasma globe
20. Scotch tape
21. Screw driver
22. Plastic placemat of the Periodic Table
23. Various bird feathers
24. Two empty beer cans
25. Wire and alligator clips
26. Bird skeleton (Yes, it's real.)

On my oldest son's desk, I could find these items, among a pile of art supplies and textbooks:

1. Ear wax
2. Melon mold
3. Cat's whisker
4. Tree fungus
5. Hunk of cat hair
6. A History of Architecture by Spiro Kostof

Ah, yes! It's that time of year again. Time for history term papers and science fair projects.  (The ear wax, melon mold, etc. are for microscope slides.) Homeschooling moms have gotta love it!

What's on your child's desk?

P.S. Check out my post Love Letters from Heaven (from January 2010). My son's plasma globe is the second picture. Gorgeous, isn't it?

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