This blog's mission is simple--to encourage moms who are married to non-Catholics and raising their children in the Faith. If you know a mom who needs a little encouragement in continuing her efforts, I would be delighted if you would share Kathleen's Catholic with her. Thank you!

Links for the Family

I've had fun compiling this page! In no time at all, these various blogs and websites have grown into a long list. Some I found on my own; and some found me! These sites and resources focus on the depth and beauty of our Catholic faith, the One True Faith. Visit them often.

Coffee and Canticles--At Home with the Divine Office
Catholic Writer Daria Sockey talks "about the Liturgy of the Hours, aka Divine Office, aka Breviary, aka Christian Prayer, aka Morning, Evening, Daytime,and Night Prayer, aka Lauds, Vespers, Terce, None, Sext, Vespers, and Compline (with a dash of the Office of Readings, aka Vigils)." Perfect reading and fun for us Catholic geeks!

Mary's Prayer Garden
Living and homeschooling in Australia, Therese says, "Have a prayer request? Email me and I will offer a decade of the rosary for your intentions for a week." Her site is devoted to our prayer need and is also designed to help us in our own prayer journey. You will find plenty of helpful materials on her blog.

The Badger Catholic
A husband, father of three, Sconnie, Traditional minded Papist, covering local, state, and other issues affecting Catholic Peasants in the region.

Of Sound Mind and Spirit
The blogs subtitle reads: "Where sisters contemplate, reflect, reason and engage in thoughtful perceptions of the changes in our world." Here you will find terrific insights in how to live the Catholic faith in this modern world, including book reviews, political updates, and pro-life issues.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishop PDF of Liturgical Year 2011
Here's the complete document from the USCCB's official site.

Praying Through the Chaos
Both a mom of three children and a student, this blogger offers some light-hearted insights about her chaotic daily life. Nicely written and designed. A quick visit can brighten your day.

A Perpetual Jubilee
Fellow homeschool mom and Catholic writer, Celeste Behe, brings a wonderful levity to her real- life writings. You'll enjoy her wit, honesty, and writings on all sorts of Catholic topics.

Women of Grace
Here is Johnnette Benkovic's (from EWTN) website, devoted to true femininism.

Women of Grace Blog
Check in regularly to see what kinds of programs, materials, and information Johnnette's ministry has available.

The Station of the Cross 
"Proclaiming the Truth with Charity and Clarity."
This is a radio station that hosts a variety of guests and provides plenty of advice from priests and nuns. Warmly welcomes call-ins. I posted a comment on Facebook while the show was on, and they read it on-air.

Feminine-Genius: Exploring the Richness of Authentic Femininity
Here is a blog by Genevieve Kineke, author of The Authentic Catholic Woman. Click here to read my book review and to purchase a copy.

Canticle magazine
a forum on authentic femininity

Stay at home mom, Sarah, makes terrific rosaries and writes her own blog about living the Catholic faith.

Mike is a former Pentecostal Southern Baptist Minister who converted to Catholicism and is on his way to the seminary. Fascinating story. 
Outstanding speaker for your parish.

Word On Fire
Watch and listen to Fr. Barron. Excellent adult catechism!

Louange de sa Glorie

Catholic Blogging Homeschooling MaMas

Catholic News Agency

Catholic Mountain
Here's one for husbands--and wives who pray for them

No! Ordinary Blog: The Official Blog of Denise Mira
Frank and quickly to-the-point, Catholic writer Denise Mira reveals popular culture for what it truly is.

Mary Grace Holmes
Little Mary Grace Holmes was born asleep in February of 2009, and her parents still struggle to conceive.  Follow the couple's journey as they speak openly and faithfully about the challenges they face and the graces they have received.

Hearing God's Call (Catholic radio)

Convert Journal 
George converted to Catholicism and shares with you his powerful journey. He explains the Faith beautifully. I think his articles are particularly helpful to us cradle Catholics, shedding light on doctrine and traditions we might take for granted.

Catholic Icing 
Lacy's blog is the place to go for religious crafts and baking. This is a terrific site for moms with small children and early elementary educators, such as CCD teachers. I think it's the ideal help in bringing up your children in a Domestic Church.

Ave Maria Radio 
My favorite show is The Doctor is In. Go Dr. Ray!

Catholic Heritage Curriculum 
A great resource for Catholic homeschoolers, grades K-12. I am happy to recommend them. I have been using their materials for years.

Catholic Mom in Hawaii  
Esther's got a great blog here!

The Jesus Prayer 
Pray it every minute of every day.  Very easy and very powerful.

The Totus Tuus family blog 
Homeschooling families will love the insight provided here, about the loving and peaceful qualities of a homeschooling family.

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