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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lenten Bouquet and Lenten Link-Up 2010

It's time for the Lenten Link-Up at Catholic Icing again! Visit Lacy's blog for a bucket load of ideas for observing Lent and making this season-in-waiting meaningful for your entire family--you'll find everything from crafts for the kids, to books, prayers, and observances, to Lenten recipes.

Let me add one more idea right now: I call it my Lenten bouquet, and it's a great way to "mark" your Domestic Church during its observation of this unique season. This bouquet is a symbol of waiting and the promise of new life. It is simply a collection of twigs placed in a large glass vase that is surrounded by a plain violet or purple cloth. Spring-flowering twigs brought in from the cold will gradually open their buds and bloom. Choose twigs from shrubs or fruit trees, such as lilac, dogwood, cherry, peach, or apple. Cut the ends of the twigs at a sharp angle, or slice them up the center, to allow water in. At first, the display seems very stark--it's beautiful simplicity is perfect for Lent! If you keep the water plentiful, the twigs will gradually open their buds as Lent proceeds and as we get closer to the Resurrection. The progress is very slow, so I have had many visitors ask why I have "those twigs" on my dining room table. The perfect conversation piece! It gives me a great excuse to explain Lent.

By the Easter season, the blooms are open and they are beautiful. On Easter Vigil, I change the violet cloth to a white cloth our children decorated with glitter pens. They painted on Easter eggs, crosses, and the word "Allelulia." Give this a try. And feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you "mark" your Domestic Church.

And please don't forget to visit Catholic Icing for lots and lots of great ideas!

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