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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Food for Fridays

by Kathleen Blease

The Lenten season is always a challenge for us moms with growing teenagers and hungry husbands! New recipes make it into my recipe box.

At Mass on Ash Wedsnesday, Father explained that Lent means "to lengthen." The days are getting longer, and more light is entering our world. Spring is just around the corner! New life is about to spring up! Even with a foot of snow on the ground, my husband and I are perusing seed catalogs and planning our garden. I'm dreaming of cooking with my own homegrown fresh herbs and vegetables again. There's nothing like going out to the garden to fetch dinner!

Lent is a great time to make the transition from heavy winter roasts and casseroles, like pork roasts and lasagna, to lighter and healthier meals. What a wonderful season is Lent! We make sacrifices to Christ, through our Lenten promises, grow closer to Him, and become healthier all at the same time. Our Lord certainly does know what's best for us.

Check out the new feature to Kathleen's Catholic--my new Lenten recipes in the link above. A delicious soda bread. A bright bean soup. And a scrumptous egg croquette. (My teenage son just said, "Oh, yea, I like your croquettes!") They're very satisfying and easy to prepare. Perfect for Fridays. Enjoy!


  1. Garfield! Garfield! Garfield!

    What lasagna??? I would love some!

  2. I am looking forward to your recipes Kathleen. I'm adding your link to my cooking blog. Thank you.

  3. Kathleen, thanks for the tempting Lenten recipes. (Although I hesitate to use tempting and Lenten in the same sentence)! I almost made hamberger run around tonight, remembered it was Friday at the last minute, and switched to home-made mac 'n cheese. Walt called me a pagan for my almost-mistake!! -Mary W.

  4. Esther...thank for the link!

    Mary...hand in there. We all make that almost-mistake every year!


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