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Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Letters from Heaven

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God's love letters are all around, in the beauty He created just for you! Take a look, and never doubt that your are loved!

all photos copyrighted by Roger L. Blease

Our Lady of Mercy Church

Easton Cemetery

great blue heron on our frozen pond

from my childhood to my sons'

the next move

Boy Scouts' flag retirement

Colonial Williamsburg

Think Spring!


  1. I'm sorry. I think I deleted someone's comment. It was from Thank you for your compliments!

  2. Those are such beautiful pictures. The one of the great blue heron makes me wonder how it got its food that day.

  3. Thanks, Rae. I'm glad you mentioned the Blue Heron. He visits every winter, so there must be something for him to eat or enjoy. The ice on the pond that day was only skin thick. It was soooo thin, my husband and I marvelled at how the big bird could stay on its surface for so long without cracking it. He walked very, very diligently; he was so elegant. We watched him stabbed at the ice, too, with his wings fully opened. So beautiful. The pond is fed by a creek, so I'm sure he walked upstream and found some viddles. Thanks for your comment.


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