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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Valentine and Our Priests

by Kathleen Blease

I interrupt this countdown to St. Valentine’s Day for a special report.

Headline: Priests worldwide are in need
of St. Valentine greetings!

St. Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Sunday. St. Valentine was a wonderful priest, who gave his life for the conferring of the sacraments. On his feast day this year, give the priests of your parish a special valentine. Pray for them!

Let’s not forget that their love is deep and abiding. It is their love of Christ that makes our Lord a spiritual and physical reality for us. They bring Christ to our weddings, through their consecrated hands. They baptize our children and bring them into the Light of the Family of God. They consecrate the bread and wine and bring Christ Himself to us at every Mass, so we can have Christ in us and with us; we needn’t go through life without Him. Our priests bring Christ’s compassion to us in the sacrament of Reconciliation, to lift our burdens and cleanse our souls. They bless our homes. They pray for us. They anoint us when we are sick. They bury our loved ones and pray for their happy repose. They educate us. Provide for us. And tell us what we need to hear and know. Because of them, we are God’s people! Just what would we be without these shepherds? What would our hearts be?

After Mass this weekend, spend some time with the Lord and thank Him for our priests. Don’t just leave after the recessional hymn. Walk up to the front pews, or the kneeler in front of the tabernacle, and spend some time with Christ, offering Him your heart. Thank the Lord for your husband, who a priest has bound to you. Praise Him for your children, who a priest welcomed into the parish family. St. Valentine was devoted to marriage and children! And so are our priests!

Dear St. Valentine,

What a wonderful priest you were. Even imprisoned, you healed the blind and gave hope to hearts in love. How those hearts sought you out! You then gave your life for the sake of the sacraments. Pray for our priests today, St. Valentine. Pray that they realize how much their parishioners love them! Help them find comfort away from their homes and families. And may they feel the joy of your feast day! Amen.

Upon leaving the church, be sure to say to your priest, “Happy St. Valentine’s Day, Father!” Perhaps you can ask your children to make a valentine for him, with a prayer card of St. Valentine placed in the center. Or you could present him with a goodie bag of valentine cookies.  Something to show him how much you appreciate his love of Christ! You might want to visit Lacy's Catholic Icing for some terrific baking and craft ideas.

(craft from Lacy's Catholic Icing)

Now…our countdown continues. Four days left until St. Valentine’s Day! God bless.


  1. Great post, Kathleen! Thanks for linking :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us, Lacy.

  3. Beautiful post Kathleen -

    Yes - our priests need our prayers, our support, and our love. As a co-worker with the Missionaries of Charity, I attend Holy Mass in their convent every Saturday. At the end of Mass we always recite special prayers - but during this Year for priests, we always begin with a special prayer. You can find it on this old post from "A Book of Everything" >

    God bless !!!

  4. Brian... Thank you for your special insight! This IS a beautiful prayer. I encourage everyone to visit your blog, A Book of Everything at


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