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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Radio and TV Online for Catholic Moms

Today I'd like to share with you two resources I have found very helpful in living the Catholic life. Ave Maria Radio and EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) have been inspirations to me and also great educational resources.

At Ave Maria Radio, I like to visit the archives and listen to The Doctor is In. The show is shared by hosts Dr. Ray Gaurandi and Coleen Kelly Mast. Both provide excellent parenting advice from a Catholic perspective. Dr. Ray is now on a speaking tour as well, so watch your local diocesan newspapers and announcements to learn if he is coming to your area. A father of ten adopted children, who are all homeschooled, he has seen it all and faced it all, and he approaches it with a great sense of humor. Coleen Kelly Mast is also on a mission, a mission of teaching how abstinence is, in her words, sex respect. Her teaching materials, called Love and Life, are directed toward parents and teenagers, to help them face the pressures of today's sexy society.

At EWTN, I enjoy visiting the archives, too. See a theme here? I don't have a schedule that can revolve around television and radio programs, and I wouldn't doubt you don't either. Visit the EWTN archives and scroll down to Archived Videos. My personal favorites are Mother Angelica Live Classics and The Journey Home. Mother Angelica is both witty and to listen to, and she's taught me a lot about the scriptures and the Mass. The Journey Home, hosted by Marcus Grodi, welcomes converts and reverts to tell their stories of coming home to the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi is himself a convert, once an evangelical minister. It's a very interesting and uplifting show!

I hope you enjoy these two resources. Please share with us your favorite resources online for Catholic Moms. God bless.

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