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Friday, January 29, 2010

If Your Husband Isn't Catholic

by Kathleen Blease

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You have the joy of seeing someone you love understand one more piece of the Faith and be amazed by it. Enjoy!

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You are called to pray for him—and for his family. In this case, there usually isn’t anyone else to pray to Mary and ask her to intercede for them. And there is no one else who can put the saints in Heaven to work for them. You’re it. Go for it!

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You have the motive to study your Catechism with the eyes of an adult. Your 8th grade answers need more depth. Find it and love it!

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You have a babysitter when your two-year-old just can’t sit still in Mass. Enjoy your peaceful time with Christ!

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You have the opportunity to learn patience, watching Christ fill your husband a little at a time. Grace drizzles in. Pay attention!

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You have the joy of introducing him to the liturgical year. Fish on Fridays, Advent Wreaths, Holy Days and Feast Days. Make it count!

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You hold back the tears when he goes to Christmas Mass with you and the kids, sings out his lungs, prays The Our Father, and kisses you at the Sign of Peace. If you see a mom get mushy at Mass, remember why.

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You get an extra special thrill when he finds you a statue of Our Lady, Queen of Peace for your home’s entrance...or garden. Display her happily.

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You might overhear his friends and family say, “Well, she’s Catholic, you know.” Be glad they notice!

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You get a special view of love and faith and thank God for bringing your sweetheart to you. Don’t take Providence and grace for granted.

If your husband isn’t Catholic: You have to remember that…you are! Rejoice and be glad!


  1. What a thankful post. My husband is a convert to the Catholic faith ... after our marriage and after the birth of our first child. His decision to enter the Church is something I forget to be thankful for ... thanks for the reminder.

  2. What a great post! My husband is Catholic, but my dad never was. It didn't stop my mom from raising me and my brothers in the church! And I think she did a pretty great job :-)

  3. Suzie...Thanks for sharing and may God bless your husband.

    Lacy...Good for your mom. She obviously did a great job! My grandparents were married 40 years before my grandfather converted. You never know! He died a very devoted Catholic. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Again, this is bringing tears to my eyes. I thank the Lord that Roger has you and you have him. You are both blessed!
    Love, Mom

  5. Mom...Thanks! Yes, we are VERY blessed... blessed with you and Dad, too!


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