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Monday, April 18, 2011

Late and Frazzled? How Did You Do This Lent?

Christ is always pleased to see you, even if you arrive late and are a little frazzled.

Holy Week is now upon us. If you are still searching for something special you can do for Our Dear Lord, there is still time! Don't give up!

Of course, your home parish should be providing opportunities to you, such as Confession and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. But if you're feeling a little down because your Lent was not as fruitful as you would have liked, then you and I have something in common! But fear not. There is still time.

Here are a few ideas to encourage you and get your creative and spiritual juices flowing:

*You might want to check out my page Links For The Family. It's loaded with lots of genuinely Catholic resources, from other blogs posted by Catholic moms to homilies from wonderful priests.

*Maybe you'd like to begin following the daily Mass readings. You can do this by clicking on the Daily Mass Readings box in this blog's right column. Sit quietly, then read or listen. Take notice at how these readings are inter-connected and think about their themes.

*Go for a walking Rosary. Take a nice walk in your neighborhood and take along a decade Rosary.  Reflect on Mary and the life of her Son through her eyes while you feel the ground under your feet and notice your surroundings. This would be a good week to reflect on the Sorrowful Mysteries. Even just two decades of walking and praying will help you clear your mind and reflect on Our Lord's Passion. If you need a refresher in how to say the Rosary, click here.

*Time with scripture is always well spent, even if you have just a few minutes. Choose any gospel from the New Testament. (I've been reading John.) First, prayerfully ask the Lord to open your mind and heart. He will open your intellect, so you will be able understand the meaning of Our Lord's words and insert them into your life. Then read just a bit of the scripture and reflect. You might be interested in this short post, called It's a Jungle! Let The Little Bird Guide You. In fact, if you are able to attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, take your scripture reading with you and do this as you visit with Jesus.

*Believe it or not, it's not too late to begin a good spiritual book. Whatever book you begin now during Holy Week can follow and help you throughout the entire fifty days of the Easter Season, right into Pentecost...and then into the summer. If you'd like to begin by reading a book review, you can find some in the right column. Just scroll down to "labels" and click on "books." You'll get a whole list of reviews of Catholic books.

You needn't be afraid if you cannot make a big sacrifice this Holy Week. Even the smallest acts are pleasing to God and will be blessed, if they are done with a full heart in both love and earnest, with your eyes on Heaven. It is simply your heart Our Lord wants.

I hope these ideas help! Have a blessed Holy Week.

May Our Lord, Jesus Christ, bless you in your efforts to draw closer to Him. God bless.

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