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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kindle, Kindle, Kathleen's Catholic on Kindle!

 It was March already, and my birthday passed a few months hence. But there was a surprise waiting for me, and to tell you the truth, I really didn't know what to do with it. I had been warding off something like this as soon as it appeared on the market. That is--an ereader.

A real bookie, I am. I love (re: LOVE!!) holding a bound copy in my hands, the smell of the paper, and the feel of the cover in my palms. A plastic ereader just didn't cut it.

But there is was, sitting on the table, offered to me by my in-laws as a late birthday present. Hmm. Well, hey, I'll give it a try. (And I was grateful for their thoughtfulness.) That was merely four weeks ago.

Since then, I found tons of free Catholic books, added Kathleen's Kindle to my blog's bookshop, and bought my first Kindle novel, a Catholic one called Death Panels by Michelle Buckman. I even invested in a nifty leather cover and light. Oh! I'm getting into this.

My husband is calling me a newbie techie. My kids are gasping. I'm holding the Kindle in my palms and typing with my thumbs for the first time in my life. "Mom? How do you know how to do that?" My Ben calls me a "touch typist." I always wondered if there were any other kind. Now I know. The thumbs indeed have more territory than just the space bar.

And now I have an announcement! Coming soon to a Kindle near you!

I'm so excited. In just a day or two,  Kathleen's Catholic: How Grace Drizzles In will be available to all Kindle users. The program at Amazon allows bloggers to publish their posts and send them throughout the world to download onto the ereaders. The best part: everyday the entire post content, with live links, is downloaded onto your Kindle in its entirety, so you don't need to your web browser to read it. Awesome! I have already subscribed to and The Snoring Scholar.

To subscribe at Amazon, click here. To subscribe on your Kindle, just go the Kindle Store and click on Blogs. An easy way to find me? Type in "Catholic mom." And--zip!--there's Kathleen's Catholic. The photo you'll see is the crucifix at one of our local parishes.

By the way...Can my readers do me a big favor? Would you click on this link, then click on Like and write a quick review about Kathleen's Catholic? You'll notice that the blog profile is not yet on the Amazon page, but I know that you already know KC, right? Even if you choose not to subscribe, this would be a great help to me. Thanks so much!

Well, I have to say all this technology has been a real journey for me. I never thought I'd surf and browse, upload, download, post, and link a dozen times a day. In the old days, I was grateful for an electric typewriter, a stack of envelopes, and a book of stamps. Yes (wink, wink), I was just a baby then. Really, I was.

God bless!


  1. Thanks so much, Judy, for your kind review.

    Readers, please visit Judy at Learning to Let Go.


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