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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Holy Communion and Confirmation Gift Suggestion for Girls AND Boys

one of Sarah's clay rosaries
A special young lady or young man in your life is about to receive First Holy Communion or is going to be Confirmed, and you might be wondering what kind of gift will be enjoyed now and cherished for years to come. There are lots of prayer books, bibles, rosaries, little statues, water fonts, and picture frames to choose from. All wonderful choices. But this time you're looking for something extra, extra special and unique. I know. I've been there as I sorted through the usuals. I wish I had known about Sarah Harkins' clay rosaries when my nieces and nephews were receiving their sacraments.

But that hasn't stopped me from enjoying Sarah's handmade rosaries, chaplets, and jewelry. Last  Christmas, I had the joy of giving my mother one of her unique rosaries, and it was beautiful. I also like to wear her Lamb of God necklace. But back to your gift-giving....

a boy's clay rosary
 I think you'll enjoy visiting The Clay Rosary Girl, Sarah's blog, and her online store. Take note! You will also find rosaries and chaplets for boys as well.

The beads are fashioned in such detail that it seems impossible that they are made of clay. Click here to see how she makes them by hand.

I hope you enjoy. And may God bless your family and friends who are receiving the sacraments during the beautiful Easter season.


  1. Kathleen, Thank you for sharing my work! You are too kind. God Bless your Holy Week!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous rosaries! This is something I am looking forward for my kids first holy communion gifts.


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