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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pope's Message About Catholics' Use of Technology: Both Wise and With the Times

"Lisa, Thanks so much for sharing this with us and bringing our attention to such an important topic. Once again, through Christ’s wisdom, the Catholic Church prayerfully and thoughtfully stays with the times and helps its precious people to live Catholic Christian lives in all manners, even in the virtual world! Praise Our God for His loving wisdom; we are never abandoned in even the smallest way."

Above is my comment posted on Lisa Hendey's Indeed, praise God we are never abandoned. There is hope, faith, and love is all things and in all ways. The Church is not living under a canopy of dust; instead, it thrives in the light and lives well in the times.
What am I talking about?

In his World Communications Day Message, entitled Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age, Pope Benedict XVI addresses how Catholics can and should use technology in a way that reflects the teachings of Our Christ, in all ways. If you use communications technology in any manner, including newspapers (print and online), TV, emails, social networking, texting, blogging, and so on (And who doesn't?) then this pertains to you!

Moms and Dads: Technology, too, is part of our Domestic Church and thus falls under our parental jurisdiction, no?  If you're feeling overwhelmed by the invasion of today's technology, the Pope's message would be a great place to start in managing and using this lightning-fast communication tool.

Lisa Hendey at has put together a wonderful post that provides a link to the Pope's complete document as well as a variety of Catholic news links, reflections, and responses. Click here to visit Lisa's post and get the full story. It is well worth our time as Catholics to read this loving message from our Holy Father.

God bless.

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