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Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick Takes for Friday

by Kathleen Blease

I thought I'd share with you some quick ideas and thoughts that were sitting in my "sketches" file. Maybe you'll find one just right for the end of your long week. So, here we go...

Our EASTER GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow at midnight. Click here to register. Good luck!

Over at The National Catholic Register, learn about genuine femininity—not to be confused with feminism—and the important role of women in the Catholic Church. Catholic writer Celeste Behe writes about the Women’s Formation and Leadership for a Better Society Conference to be held in upstate New York over the summer. Click here for your own copy to read or print. Maybe you'd like to attend!

The Eucharist is a miracle that occurs every day at every second. It is the greatest of all mysteries. It is for us to receive, so we don’t need to go about life without Our Christ! There’s a miracle among us. Don’t miss it!

Take a little time today to visit Catholics Come Home. Watch their commercials. The “movie” commercial will make you RUN to Reconciliation for God's joyful mercy. Fabulous! The website is all about truth and renewal.

How does an atheist find her way to the Catholic Church? Visit Conversion Diary and find out how Jennifer blogged her way from a vocal anti-Christian atheist to a dedicated believer. Great story and wonderful blog.

Here's one of my favorite books that answered so many questions I had when I was first renewing my Faith. It connected a whole bunch of dots.

Speaking of connecting dots: Kelly over at From a Sinner has connected quite a few and found a true love for the Mass. She explains why the Mass is perfect, regardless of which priest is saying it. Do you give an inner sigh when a certain priest celebrates Mass? You can give that's why.

Okay, one more:  You've probably heard of a Passion Play. The Catholic Church calls it The Stations of the Cross. It's an observance and devotion she has been following for more than one-thousand years. Today, it is common to find Catholic youth groups acting out the Stations, known as the Living Stations. If you can't attend at church, you can still observe the Stations at home. It is a deep and contemplative prayer that will reveal something new to you each time you walk with Christ through His Passion and Resurrection.

God bless!

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