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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Letters from Heaven

by Kathleen Blease

Don't let Holy Week go by without taking a moment to notice God's Creation, magnificent and just for you. His love is beyond human imagination. God is crazy for you!  He gave you His Only Begotten Son, so you can have eternal life with Him, our grand Creator, and all the saints and angels in Heaven. Take a look at some of His artistry. If earth is this beautiful, just imagine Heaven!

all photos are copyrighted by Roger L. Blease

orange unblended

I am with you

assateague island

some beauties are complete surprises

one baptism

Eater egg

where the oriole lives

man inspired

God's handiwork, from a hot air balloon

God bless you during this most holy of weeks.


  1. Beautiful. You and I have something in common!! We are both Catholic bloggers, writers, CATHOLIC, homeschool, kids, and non-Catholic husbands that are amazing!

    Lenten blessings and thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.

  2. Thank you, Ebeth! We DO have a lot in common. ;-)


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