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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter from the Easter Bunny

I have been saving this for years--an adorable letter written in script and signed by the author in ink. When our boys were small, they asked lots of questions about the Easter Bunny. As they anticipated receiving a basket filled with sweets, books, and toys, they couldn't help but wonder and ask about this generous being.

So, I gave them a little advice: Why don't you leave a letter for him and ask him to tell you about himself? And so they did.

On Easter morning, they found two beautiful baskets and this letter, sealed with his pawprint. Our cat, Honey Bun, and I thought it looked an awful lot like a cat's pawprint.

                                               Easter Sunday

Dearest Ben,

Wow! What a question. Thank you for asking about me.

You see, I am very old. Long before Jesus was born, Pagans held festivals to celebrate the beginning of the Spring season. The cold sleep of winter was over, and the plans of planting a crop and enjoying fresh food made everyone happy. They noticed that new life was everywhere around them: birds were hatching chicks, lambs were being born, flowers were blooming, and fruit trees were budding. And rabbits--bunnies, like me--were having lots and lots of brand new babies! So, the Pagans made me the symbol of new life.

That was my beginning. Once the Pagans learned about Jesus and His Resurrection, of course, they didn't celebrate their Spring festivals for pagan gods. They turned all their traditions into a celebration for Jesus! Even the Easter egg is for Jesus. It is also a symbol of new life, like me!

I hope this answers your question. I have been all over the world and have seen many, many children celebrate the Resurrection. It is a wonderful time of year. Enjoy yourself today. I hope you like what I picked out for you. I am very happy to know you and Max.

The Easter Bunny 

May your Holy Week be blessed as you await the Resurrection of Our Loving Savior. God bless!


  1. That is such a sweet idea to write a letter from the Easter bunny! And what a simple explanation for little kids to understand! Love it! :)

  2. We really enjoyed our boys' reaction to it. They were very excited and read it over and over.

  3. I luv hearing about family traditions like this. Nice to see the way you put the focus on Christ.


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