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Friday, August 12, 2011

KC on the Go! Kindle, iPhone, eReaders and Mobile Devices

The new school year is just around the corner. Whether you are a homeschool mom or devoted school volunteer mom, you probably will agree with me that September usually means a new schedule of driving, picking up children, and...well, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting at soccer practice. Waiting at the doctor's and dentist's office. Waiting at the orthodontist. Waiting for Scouts to wrap up. I've gotten in the habit of taking along one of three things: knitting, Catholic literature, or my Kindle.

This is just a gentle reminder (and maybe shameless promotion?) that Kathleen's Catholic is formatted for your mobile devices and eReaders, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Kindle. Below are all the links you might like to have.

Mobile formats
Click here to learn about and view KC's mobile format.

eReader formats & free trial
Click here to learn about KC's Kindle format and how to subscribe. Try a free trial for 14 days. If you have the Kindle 3G, you can also access Kathleen's Catholic for free by simply launching the web browser and typing in the blog's address, However, the subscription makes it so much easier by formatting and archiving the blog for you.

Free Kindle Apps
There is are also free Kindle apps, so you do not need a Kindle to enjoy the subscription. Click here for the free iPhone, iPad, and iPod apps. (If you download the Kindle app, you can also download many, many free books, such as the novel The Rosary, which I recently reviewed.)

To Purchase a Kindle
If you would like to purchase a Kindle, click here or on the Kindle icon in this blog's right column. At the top of the Amazon page, click on "Buy a Kindle."

With these readers and mobile devices, you can take Kathleen's Catholic  columns, book reviews, and the recipes from The Little Catholic Kitchen with you wherever and whenever you find yourself with some "waiting" time to spare.

God bless!

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