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Monday, August 1, 2011

From Kathleen's Kindle, THE ROSARY: A Book Review

I just finished reading a wonderful love story, and it's free on Kindle. It's how I spent much of the heatwave, after weeding and watering the garden in the early morning hours and cleaning the house before the temperatures spiked. And it was good reading!

The Rosary by Florence Louisa  Barclay is a Victorian love story that stands the test of time. Beautifully written and thought-out, it is indeed a page turner. Now, I am not a reader of romance novels. A Harlequin Romance title has never crossed my threshold. But this story is unique.

Barclay relates falling in love with the Rosary, how each moment can be like praying the beads, holding the beads of joy in your hands and giving away your heart. The story also invokes patience and deep abiding love. It depicts too characters of opposite demeanor learning to carefully consider the needs of the other--something we rarely read in romance novels.

I truly believe that-- in the way Barclay uncovers the love and how the two lovers, Jane and Garth, live out the callings that were implanted in their hearts and souls-- the author has left us with a remarkable and timeless primer of how to love best.

Garth declares to Jane, "You have lifted the veil, and I am entering in!"  However, Jane is overwhelmed by this surprise declaration from her lifelong friend, and she makes a decision she later struggles to undo, praying that she will not have to live with the regret for the rest of her life. Garth's condition, both physical and spiritually, will chip away at your heart, as Jane secretively brings him back to life with her selfless and thoughtful actions.

Even though the novel is Victorian, it is still very readable and enjoyable today. It just might be a great story to read with your teenage daughter.

If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free app for your laptop, iPhone, etc. Just visit Amazon, click on the Kindle Store, and check out the sidebar on the left. Everything you need is there. Kindle has a large selection of free literature that is in the public domain--everything from cookbooks and knitting instructions to classic literature and Boy Scout campfire stories. You'll never know what you'll find. There are three more free titles from Mrs. Barclay, all novels. I hope you enjoy a little reading during these hot August days.

God bless!

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  1. Dear Readers,

    I just finished reading THE WHITE LADIES OF WORCESTER,also by Florence Barclay, and I highly recommend it! It is, I believe, 99 cents on Kindle.

    I called THE ROSARY an excellent primer of love, and I think this title is as well. Once again, Florence Barclay managed to illustrate how two hearts found one another and moved in complete adoration and consideration for the other, without thought of one's self.

    Set in the Middle Ages, THE WHITE LADIES depicts a knight at his most vulnerable and deeply in love with a woman who was tricked out of their marriage. She then fled to the confines of a cloister, where she became a much-loved prioress. But I don't want to tell you more, lest I give away the story...and there are many twists and turns you will enjoy.

    While reading this wonderful novel, I thought a lot about myself and how I relate to my husband. This is what literature *should* do--at once instruct and entertain.

    I will give you a hint about the lovely women/nun. She never let her eyes leave Heaven!

    I hope you enjoy! Happy reading!


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