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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Knit for Japan! Calling All Knitters and Crocheters!!

If you've made a contribution to the tsunami victims in Japan but feel that you would like to do something more personal, then this just might be for you! The goal is four hundred hats. Mittens, scarves, and washcloths are also much needed. A simple single crochet or stockinette or a complex aran cable or fair isle--all are welcome!

Join me in helping them reach their goal!

Get out your needles and knitting looms and check your yarn stash. The deadline is July 15. Click here for all the details. This would be a wonderful and heartfelt project for the young girls in your life who are just beginning to learn the basics; scarves and washcloths would be just right. Perhaps you know a Girl Scout troop or such who would like to contribute.

It gets very cold and snowy in the northern part of Japan, and the people would be so happy to know that they have not been forgotten. Simple, cabled, crocheted...whatever you love to do, share it with others...from your hands to their hearts.

God bless.


  1. Linked and added! I'm a hazard with knitting needles, but I can turn out great hats and scarves with my loom knitters. I've got some nice fishermen's wool that will make a lovely, warm hat and scarf set to send.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I think I'm going to use my loom, too. I can turn out a hat in two short evenings.

    Thanks for helping out in this special way!


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