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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Newest Writing Projects--Exciting!

My-oh-my, this has been one crazy year. Between my husband being sick, my son being couch-ridden for two months, and homeschooling, it seems that my writing projects have had nothing but little fits and starts. It's no secret, really, that even this blog hasn't been very focused, and I'm grateful that I have a handful of readers who are willing to stick with me. Thank you!

But what I'd like to tell you today is that despite my crazy life, Our Dear Lord has placed a few projects right in my hands, and I'm so excited about them!

I can't give you the exact details yet, but let me tell you about them in less than exact terms.

First, The Catholic Writers Guild, whose conference I visited over the summer, has asked me to serve them in a very special and honorable way. It's a role I cannot tell you about as of yet, in this public forum. To say the least, I am very humble that they invited me to take on this role. Of course, I accepted right away! Well, maybe after saying a few prayers, because (to be honest) I didn't think I was up to the task. But the Lord said, "I am giving this to you because I KNOW you can do it." So how could I refuse? I am indeed looking forward to it! And I will surely tell you more when I can.

Second, a well-known Catholic publisher contacted me about writing a book about observing Lent at home. It will feature prayers, crafts, recipes, devotions, and essays of encouragement from one Catholic mom (that's me!) to another. I'm truly looking forward to starting the project this Spring. Again, this is also in its infancy, and a contract has not be drafted yet, so I'm not able to divulge the details (publisher, price, etc.) as of today. But as soon as I can tell you more, you can count on lots of info forthcoming.

Phew. Suddenly, the year ahead looks very exciting. Will you give thanks with me? Just as I was thinking that my aspirations were too high for this time in my life, Jesus gave me a few opportunities to encourage and edify me. Praise the Lord!!

God bless!

P.S. I just might be asking you in the near future, dear Readers, to help me with my Lenten book project. Put on your thinking caps and brainstorm: Do you have any special traditions or devotions you would like to share? They can be prayers, crafts, recipes, or any other form of Lenten devotions. I would be delighted to offer you credit in the book's text. Or...perhaps you might have some questions about Lent, which I can answer in an essay. Feel free to contact me at Put "Lenten book" in the message line so I don't delete it by accident.


  1. Oh, Kathleen, how wonderful! I am giving thanks along with you. May the Lord bless these works of yours!

  2. Thank you, Celeste!

    Everyone, this is Celeste Behe of the blog, Perpetual Jubliee. I love that title! You can visit her at

  3. Praise God for your awesome new endeavors and best of luck to you!

  4. His grace is sufficient for every good work. And it sounds like He has given you some great work to do this next year. Many blessings!

  5. Thank you, Denise!

    Readers, please visit Denise's blog, Catholic by Grace, at

    Denise is a convert and wonderful Catholic writer.


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