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Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Wreath: The Wood of the Manger, Carpenter, and Cross

A few years ago, I was visiting my parents' home. On their dining room table sat a very simple yet elegant Advent wreath. Soon afterward, my father arrived at my home with two pieces of wood in his hands. "Here you go, Kathleen. I hope you like it." And I love it. Dad made one right away in his workshop. The above photo shows you the pieces of the wreath and how the two pieces of wood are fashioned.

It's a simple wreath, and I like Advent wreaths to reflect our time of waiting and preparation. While some people like to festoon their Advent wreaths, I am more of a purist. Each Sunday of Advent, a candle is lit, saving the rose candle for the third Sunday, called Joyful Sunday. It's a special day that reminds us to be attentive, the time is drawing near when His Light is about to enter the world.

I also like to add a white pillar in the center. This we light on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning, and burn it throughout the Christmas Season. This year, I'm going to replace the spent Advent candles with bright red Christmas candles. Together with the white pillar, they will look very festive.

There's one more thing about this wooden wreath I particularly love: It reminds me of the stable, Christ's manger, Christ the carpenter (learning the trade at Joseph's side), and also Christ's cross, from which He redeemed the world. I am still amazed that our God came to us--in complete union with His Creation--as a tiny and helpless baby, born to a simple handmaid and carpenter. This is why Advent is so special. It's a time to deeply reflect on this and also to prepare for His coming!

Have a wonderful, blessed Advent!

God bless.

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