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Monday, November 1, 2010

Precious Freedoms Lost in the Holy Lands

The story linked below is very sad. Over the years, Pope Benedict XVI has been addressing the issues that face the Catholic Church in the Holy Lands, issues which threaten its very existence. Many Catholics have feared for their lives and have left their homes in the Middle East. There are now very few left. This most recent attack, which took place in a cathedral (a house of God and love), will surely have serious ramifications.

Please pray for our dear fellow Catholics who suffer persecution and are in danger of losing their lives. Remember them in your daily prayers with your family, and be grateful for our securities here in the United States.

Our freedoms--which are not just nice to have and to take for granted but are all-together necessary--are very precious indeed and need to be defended. Don't forget to vote and practice your God-given rights. Perhaps as you pull the lever, say a prayer for our fellow Catholics in the Holy Lands!

Over 50 Catholics die during terrorist attack on Baghdad cathedral :: EWTN News

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  1. This broke my heart. I just have no words for it. May God bring some sort of peace to our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land!


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