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Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Fun in New York City: Wookiees, Storm Troopers, Editors, and Artists at Comic Con 2

Yes, folks, this is a bona-fide Wookiee with my Ben. He noticed Ben in the crowd and pointed at him, curling his pointer finger with a "come here." I pushed Ben. "Come on, come on! Stand next to him!!" After the picture was snapped, the Wookiee tapped Ben on the nose and spoke a few words. If my Wookiee translation was correct, I believe that he said something like "Be a good boy." Kinda like Santa Claus. And I felt like I was the kid for the moment. The trip was worth it, if only to get this picture!

Ben and I attended Comic Con 2 at the Javits Center in New York City. We met with Star Wars characters, editors from DC Comics and Marvel, and even an artist who works for Lucas Films. A great day, but a long one! Below are a few more shots of what we saw. Very cool, indeed.

Ben with a Storm Trooper. As you can see, my son was still recovering from his knee injury, which I wrote about in Opportunities Outside Our Kitchen Door at

RoboCop, of course.

An amazing Lego sculpture, one of many.

A chalk/pastel artist. He was drawing on a huge sheet of black craft paper. We attended on the first day of the conference, so we could see only its beginning. Photos of his other works lined his work space. They were amazing...vibrant! If you'd like to see the time-lapse video of the artist completing this chalk mural, click here. He was terrific with the people, too, talking with them as he worked.

And a writer or two were given a copy of these two guys, right from my son's comic book blog, Star Wars: The Elites. Click here to check it out.

We had fun! But when we were driving home, we were happy to finally turn down the road that bisected our neighbor's horse farm. Years ago, I commuted to the city from Pennsylvania on a daily basis, and it came back to me once again why I was happy to settle down and make my living right here at home!

God bless!

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