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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catholic Sports Fans Now Have Their Own Sports Network: CSN


Attention all Catholic sports fan! Here is your very own sports network! You can follow your favorite Catholic teams and Catholic athletes from all over the country. Catholic Sports Network (CSN) is launching its flagship at

This could be especially helpful to moms who are encouraging their budding athletes. It would be a great way to illustrate how sportsmanship and their Catholic faith go hand-in-hand.

To start, you might want to read about something brand new--that is, the first ever All-American Catholic football team. Click here to read the article.

What I'm looking forward to, and hoping CSN will provide, are interviews from Catholic athletes (from high school to the pros) about taking their faith into the practice and playing fields, as well as how their faith leads to their mastery of sportsmanship and their ultimate success.

Well, now, the following is from the press release sent to Kathleen's Catholic by Director of Affliate Relations Chris Jung:

Serving nearly 1,200 high schools, 160-plus colleges, and over 70 million Catholic Americans around the country, CSN will provide up-to-date news, feature articles, student-athlete spotlights, national rankings, recruitment information, and a comprehensive multimedia unit that will include weekly newscasts, interviews, and streaming video.

CSN founder Steve Fehder, a 26-year broadcast veteran and entrepreneur, developed this concept after noticing a tremendous void in the coverage of local and national Catholic sports. A Catholic himself, Fehder believes CSN will satisfy the insatiable appetite of the rabid alumni and fan bases of Catholic schools and their athletic teams.

“What makes CatholicSportsNet unique from any traditional sports site, is that we are 100 percent dedicated to serving  the  huge niche of Catholic sports and that Catholicism will be the underlying theme of all content,” Fehder said. “The tradition, the values, the alumni base, the success of athletes and programs across the country, and the incredible stories are what makes this venture so special.”

Hall of Famer Billy Reed
Joining the team will be author, writer, and former Louisville Courier-Journal sports editor Billy Reed. Member of both the U.S. Basketball and Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame, Reed has written over 800 articles during a 29-year association with Sports Illustrated, and has penned over a dozen books pertaining to topics ranging from Freedom Hall to Paul Hornung to the world-famous Kentucky Derby.

Stop by their website, and check it out.

God bless.

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  1. thanks for sharing this link. i look forward to checking it out.
    pax - lena


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