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Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit A Few Good Friends Today

Any day is a good day to visit a good friend. Here are a couple of blogs I love to visit regularly, and a few of the bloggers themselves have been very helpful to me as I'm navigating the learning curve of blogging. Good character is kindness to a stranger!

Bookmark these blogs or add them to your Favorites!

*Read about the anniversary of the apparition of Mary in Fatima, and the Blessed Mother's message, at A Solitary Bird.

*Read the Pope's address in Portugal (the site of Fatima) at A Book of Everything.

*Visit with Kelly, a scientist who is presently discerning becoming a religious. Follow her on her journey at From A Sinner.

*Celebrate the Liturgical Year with cooking! Visit Catholic Cuisine for great ideas and recipes. This is perfect if you have young children and are looking for a way to reinforce the progression of the liturgical calendar. Of course, hubbies would like these recipes, too!

*If you have school age children, you'll love Lacy's Catholic Icing for craft and fun food ideas. Right now she's helping with a Mary trading card extravaganza. Get in on the action! And check out the beautiful Mary cards Lacy made herself.

(Mary trading card from

*If you're a homeschooler, you'll enjoy visiting The Totus Tuus Family Blog, a lighthearted blog by a family who's in love with the Latin Mass. There's always something interesting and fun, and mom is a master blogger.

I hope you enjoy visiting some of my blogging friends. Be sure to leave them a comment and tell them Kathleen's Catholic sent you!

God bless.

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