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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exactly What Is Heaven Like?

Ever wonder if there are details of Heaven in the Holy Scriptures that describe exactly what it is like? When we were children, we were taught that Heaven is above and Hell is below. Is this true? Will we all be united in eternity? Does Heaven have an open-door policy so everyone gets in? Is there a hierarchy?

There are plenty of answers! Here's a video I think you will thoroughly enjoy. Susan Conroy, translator of The End of the Present World, joins Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Edmund Sylvia to discuss our magnificent and eternal home.

Susan Conroy's translation
of a work St. Therese loved.
What I enjoyed so much about this episode is how joyfully Susan speaks about Christ and His Father's Heaven of many mansions. Click here to watch the episode now and learn more about Susan's work, The End of the Present World.

At Women of Grace, you will find a large collection of TV episodes of the same name. A cup of tea, a few moments to yourself, and you are set for some wonderful edifying television--a breath of fresh air!

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  1. looks interesting! Yesterday, some Mormons come to my house and spent two hours talking with my husband and I. It was so enjoyable to share our faith together, as husband and wife. I think a seed of doubt may have been planted in one of the young men. He was practicing his sign of the cross on the way out!!

    Anyway, one of their reoccurring questions to us was, "what do you think heaven will be like?" I'm not sure why they were so interested in this- they didn't even really share what they thought heaven would be like after we shared. It was hard to articulate, but I hope we did it justice. I will have to take some time to watch this and be ready for next time they come :) They are supposed to return our NAB version of the Bible, so hopefully we will have another good discussion.


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