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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Susie Lloyd - UNEDITED: Channeling my Inner Mother

The last time I worked in an office, voice mail was just being installed.

"What's this new fangled thing?"
"I dunno."

It was a revelation that someone could leave you a recorded and detailed message on your phone. Thank goodness I moved up the ranks to editor by then. Editorial assistants must have been fearing for their jobs. The biggest responsibility listed on the job description was answering the phone and taking messages. In those early days, I tallied miles running back and forth between my little broom closet office and my boss's, waving little slips of pink. But by the time technology caught up with us, I was well beyond the newbie stage.

Susie Lloyd has a great take on technology and "mommy-brain." As least that's what I call it. Right at the top of her post is a link to a (very) short video. Watch carefully, or you'll miss it. If you're under 40, you won't get it. But if you worked in an office back in 198_...err, back then, you'll laugh alright!

Here's the link...

Susie Lloyd - UNEDITED: Channeling my Inner Mother: "Woman returns to work after 30 years Watch the four second video. That would be my mother. When I took typing back in 1983 on state of th..."

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