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Friday, August 13, 2010

Anne Rice's Remarks: Reinvent the Truth to Fit the World

by Kathleen Blease


Pilate knew the truth, and he found a way to reinvent it to fit the world's desires.
Last winter, I read an article/interview about/with Anne Rice in a Catholic magazine, and I was thoroughly confused and dismayed by her remarks; and I was disappointed that the magazine (which I picked up in the vestibule of our church) would publish her story at all. The article put her child's homosexuality and her husband's atheism on the same plane as her re-discovered Catholicism--as though all three were simply a matter of choice in lifestyle, all equal and acceptable. How could a publication devoted to our Dear Savior allow such a story?

Worse yet, my husband, who is not Catholic (and who is the beneficiary of many prayers), read the story and was a little jilted and thoroughly confused. He wanted to know, Why do Catholics behave this way? And I could see that he really wanted no part of a church where people are allowed to profess one thing and do another. I tried to encourage him to remember that what Jesus gave to Peter would never change, regardless of what people try to do to reinvent it. And THIS is what our one true Faith is all about.

As someone who is in love with a nonCatholic, I can see how these types of public verbiage--indeed, a public reinvention of Christ's Bride--published in Catholic magazines and newspapers are quite damaging. They give individuals one more excuse to reject the One Truth and turn to the world for quick solutions and easy comforts. If only they knew how God aches for us to say Yes to His will! If only they knew that He loves us even when we turn away. If only they knew that each time we falter, He carries us. And when we drift--willingly--He is still waiting for us at the end of the road and will run to us as soon as He sees us approaching.

George Sipe at Convert Journal writes an excellent post on this very issue. He also cites The Anchoress (Elizabeth Scalia), who clearly explains the Catholic theology and doctrine, which would help us sort out these types of public proclamations made by high-profile individuals, ala Nancy Pelosi. There are answers. As Catholics, we needn't be jilted. The Church--the One Truth based on love and compassion--gives us answers that are complete. Many thanks to George for his courage in openly addressing this issue and sharing information from Scalia.

God bless.

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  1. Thank you Kathleen for the kind comments.

    I agree with you. While we always need to speak with charity, we also must not allow to stand false claims against the Church. Ignoring them would be harmful to the speaker, other Catholics and all those who seek the truth.


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