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Monday, April 19, 2010

New Feature: aStore called Kathleen's Catholic Books Shop

I'm trying a new Amazon feature, called an aStore. It allows my readers to shop at Amazon, including checking out, without leaving the blog. I've included Catholic titles that have really helped me understand our rich and wonderful faith. I hope you enjoy them, too. I'm providing this to help you find the very best resources for your spiritual development. We all need nourishment, even tiny morsels!

You will find the little aStore in the right column, under the title Spiritual Nourishment. Click on the title Kathleen's Catholic Book Shop, and you're there! (It is small print, I know. One thing about technology: it does have its limits. The aStore won't let me change the font size.) You will also see on this screen Kathleen's Catholic Book Shop for Kids.

Stop by regularly. I'll be adding new titles often. If you'd like to recommend a title--or any product, such as medals and rosaries, etc.--feel free let me know. You can reach me at Please include the words Kathleen's Catholic in the subject line, so if it falls into my junk email folder it won't be deleted. You can also reach me at Facebook under the name Kathleen's Catholic.

Well, friends, let me know what you think about this new feature. I really want to hear your honest opinion.

God bless!

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