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Friday, November 18, 2011

Taking Time Off to Focus: Priorities, Priorities...

You might have noticed that it's been a while since I last posted to Kathleen's Catholic. While I love blogging, I've had to re-assess where to put my creative and physical energies these days, and tending to my children and home have been put back at the top of my priority list where it belongs. Mostly, some issues in our homeschooling need to be addressed. It's so important to me that my children's education--both academically and spiritually--goes well and that these years don't simply slip by.

I hope to return to regular blogging and writing sometime soon. Until then, please feel free to check out all the features on Kathleen's Catholic. You might be interested in the recipes from The Little Catholic Kitchen. Or a Catholic Mom Basics kinda article (which you will find in the right column of this blog). Or you might find something new and interesting from KC's page, Links for the Family. If you love to read, check out my book reviews (I tell you how in the right column) and Kathleen's Catholic Book Shop. There are so many great titles out there for Catholics, and, well, the winter months are just about upon us, so it's a great time to snuggle under an afghan and take in a good book or two...or a time to purchase a literary gift for someone special.

When I return, I'll be posting a bunch of new recipes in The Little Catholic Kitchen--my spiral notebook is packed--and I'll have a new book review for you, on a title that shows how the Holy Bible gives us sound guidance in raising our teens. I found the book fascinating...and much needed!

But before I sign off, I'd also like to tell you that my new pamphlet, Catholic Mom: Nurturing the Home, will be available in Spring through Liguori Publications. Many parishes provide Liguori's pamphlets in their vestibules or libraries, but if yours doesn't you can order a copy (or copies) directly from Liguori. I'll let you know when it finally comes off the press, and I'll provide a link. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

I hope to be back into blogging before too long, but until then please send out a little prayer for me...that my endeavors in educating my children are successful in the way Christ would want them to be. I would truly appreciate that. Your support and encouragement always mean a great deal to me.

God bless!


  1. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving, Kathleen!

  2. Thank you for your contribution to Catholic blogs. I find it a reassuring way to connect on line and you are giving encouragement to many more that do not take the time to comment! Keep it up and hope to see more posts soon.


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